For Special Diet

Dairy Products

We don't use any dairy products for our food except ice cream. Mango sorbet is made from mango, sugar, lemon juice and water.


We don't use any kinds of nuts in our cooking in regular menu card. For today's special, it could be possible so please confirm to our service staff.


Our cooking and frying oil is soya oil. For some dishes, we use sesame oil too.

Sesame seed and oil

Sesame seed and sesame oil are used in a lot of dishes including sushi. For sushi it is easy to not use because sushi ingredient doesn't consist any sesame products but use for last touch.Most of dressing and sauce consist sesame oil and those are difficult to replace but still we have sesame free sauce so don't worry.

Vegan Diet

Several vegetable dishes and miso soup consist fish base. Other vegetable dishes are already perfectly fit to vegan diet. Miso soup and Agedasi-tofu ( sauce consist fish base ), vegetable futomaki can be arranged into perfect vegan dishes. Including vegetable sushi, we have quite good choice for vegan guest.

Gulten Free

This is most difficult diet for Japanese kitchen because soya sauce and flower. Thanks to gluten free soya sauce, I can serve almost all kinds of sashimi and sushi without any difficulty. Other food, actually choice is not so big. boiled soya beans, green salad with classic dressing, grilled sea bass with salt and rice. But I am working hard on to change situation. If you call us at least one day before, I can make full Omakase menu with gluten free or Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki.